Insurance Litigation

Mills & Jones attorneys defend insurers throughout Oklahoma in a broad range of insurance-related controversies. Our trial lawyers represent an exceptional combination of trial and appellate experience with the deepest understanding of the insurance industry and its regulations.

Our attorneys are highly regarded for their depth of knowledge and experience regarding the insurance industry and the governmental entities that regulate it. This depth of expertise allows us to provide clients with timely, efficient advice and assistance with urgent or developing situations involving complex insurance issues. For more than 20 years, our lawyers have successfully argued and obtained favorable decisions in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout Oklahoma on significant coverage issues on all types of first-party and third-party policies.

Bad Faith

Mills & Jones represents insurers from around the county, as well as plaintiffs, in “bad faith” and other claims arising out of complex first-party and third-party property/casualty insurance matters including insurance code violations, and insurer negligence. Our clients’ need for cost-efficient legal representation is always one of our priorities. We understand coverage issues, dispute trends, and how such trends must be addressed to minimize the risk of a “bad faith” claim. Mills & Jones attorneys provide sound advice at the claims handling stage to reduce the likelihood that a coverage dispute becomes bad faith litigation.

Our experience extends to evaluating underwriting standards, complying with regulations, formulating coverage opinions, and advising on claims-handling procedures to avoid extra-contractual exposure. Avoiding the risk of claims disputes and vigorously defending those that do occur is essential for survival in the insurance industry. Successful insurance defense requires a focus on risk avoidance, in-depth understanding of coverage issues and bad faith, and the ability to aggressively advocate on a client’s behalf.

When coverage litigation arises or becomes necessary, Mills & Jones attorneys are experienced trial counsel and well-versed in the most efficient means of addressing bad faith allegations, from summary judgment through trial and appeal.

Subrogation and Recovery

Mills & Jones attorneys are committed to assisting our clients in identifying subrogation opportunities and handling subrogation claims. Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating a variety of losses, and they understand that a rapid response to a loss can be the difference between a successful subrogation recovery and no recovery. Accordingly, our attorneys are always available.

The purpose of subrogation is to recover money – not spend it. Our law firm’s efficient operations and sensible overhead allow us to pass these savings on to our clients.

Although some firms are hesitant to try cases, we have found that the best way to maximize settlement offers is to have a reputation for willingness to go to trial. Therefore, from the time that we receive a case, we prepare it to be tried. Regardless of the outcome, this method is the most effective way to best serve our clients.

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